For a given word, using Vocabulary, you can get it’s

  • Meaning
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Part of speech : whether the word is a noun, interjection or an adverb et el
  • Translate : Translate a phrase from a source language to the desired language.
  • Usage example : a quick example on how to use the word in a sentence
  • Pronunciation
  • Hyphenation : shows the particular stress points(if any)


  • Written in uncomplicated Python
  • Returns JSON objects
  • Minimum dependencies ( just uses requests )
  • Easy to install
  • A decent substitute to Wordnet(well almost!) Wanna see? Here is a small comparison
  • Stupidly easy to use
  • Fast!
  • Supports
    • both, python2.* and python3.*
    • Works on Mac, Linux and Windows

How does it work

Under the hood, it makes use of 4 awesome API’s to give you consistent results. The API’s being

  • Wordnik
  • Glosbe
  • BighugeLabs
  • Urbandict